Q: Does the end user (reader) need to install any software or plug-ins to unlock or access a Protectedpdf document?

A: No, Protectedpdf was designed to provide a seamless end user (reader) experience. It is recommended that users unlock their protected documents with the latest version of Adobe Reader or today’s modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android).

Q: Does Protectedpdf work with mobile and tablet devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablets or phones, etc.?

A: Yes, Vitrium currently offers a Web Viewer with both Protectedpdf editions. For more information about this feature, click here.

Q: What is the primary difference between the Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition of Protectedpdf?

A: Protectedpdf Standard Edition is a web-based document security solution designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Protectedpdf Enterprise Edition is a document security solution designed for SMBs and large enterprises that can be hosted by Vitrium or installed on your servers . The solution comes with additional document DRM and customization functionality, as well as integration capabilities. Protectedpdf Enterprise can be integrated with any third-party or in-house IT systems or applications such as learning management systems (LMS), document management systems, e-commerce systems, credential systems, or any other system.

Q: Does Protectedpdf work with other document formats such as Word, Excel, EPUB, etc.?

A: Currently no, but many of these document formats can easily be converted to a PDF and delivered using Protectedpdf.

Q: Is it possible to access Protectedpdf documents on a website or web portal so that end users (readers) only need to log in once to gain access to protected content? 

A: Yes, this is possible with the Enterprise Edition as it requires integrating with your website and a credential system or some kind of authorization database.

Q: Is it possible to access Protectedpdf documents offline, if the end user (reader) does not have internet access?

A: Yes, as an administrator of Protectedpdf you decide how long your end users (readers) can access documents in an offline environment.  The valid credentials are stored in the Acrobat cookie on the end user’s computer and the document will open offline until the expiration date is reached. Once the Protectedpdf document expires, the end user is prompted to log back into the portal and validate credentials once again.

Q: Does Protectedpdf support video?

A: If a video is embedded into a PDF document then yes, Protectedpdf will work with the document. Otherwise no, Protectedpdf does not protect video files.

Q: Will Protectedpdf work with my SIS (Student Information System)?

A: Yes, Protectedpdf was designed to integrate with virtually any third-party system You will need the Enterprise Edition.

Q: Does Protectedpdf prevent screen capture?

A: No. This type of functionality would require the content owner to have some control over the reader’s desktop and would require the reader to download a plug-in to view a Protectedpdf document. Since Vitrium strives to provide a seamless end user experience with Protectedpdf documents, this is not a feature that the company has built into the solution.

Q: How does Protectedpdf work with eBooks?

A: Currently, Protectedpdf only works with PDF-based eBooks. The best way to make this work is to set a shelf-life for the eBook so that after a certain period of time, the eBook will expire.