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Vitrium Systems Announces Multi-Platform Web-Based Viewer for Protected Digital Publications

Readers can now access protected content on any device with internet connectivity

O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, New York, New York— February 13, 2013 — Today at the O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference, Vitrium Systems announces the beta version of its long anticipated web-based viewer that allows readers to access content on any internet-enabled device through a web browser. This removes the need for applications such as the Adobe Reader plug-in or Flash that were previously needed to read protected, pixel-perfect documents in the browser. Content producers using the beta version report their readers already appreciate the expanded, uncomplicated access to content that the web viewer offers.

“It’s a win-win for readers and content producers alike,” said Vlad Alexander, CEO at Vitrium Systems. “The web viewer makes document protection easier and more cost-effective for content producers. By freeing readers from the need to install additional applications, the web viewer will expand readerships, improve the reading experience, and ultimately improve the content producer’s return on intellectual investments. We are excited to be a pioneer in this new form of protected content delivery”.

Since Vitrium’s new viewer is web-based, it will work on the desktop, and on iOS and Android mobile platforms. With mobile efficiency in mind, downloads are shorter and faster, since content is optimized for each device as documents are opened, and only the page being viewed is actually downloaded.

The web viewer supports AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and will be completely customizable in functionality and look & feel.

About Vitrium Systems:

Since 2006, Vitrium Systems has been a market leader in document protection that allows content producers to distribute a wide range of digital materials such as textbooks, research reports, investment proposals, and eBooks.

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