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Benefits of Integrating Security Technologies

Mar 17, 2016 2:28:58 AM

Benefits of Integrating Security TechnologiesIt seems that the more advanced technology gets, the easier we humans want technology to be. The faster technology moves, the more efficient we become. Think of how far technology has come – in 2000, if you missed the most recent episode of “Friends”, hopefully one of your friends taped it for you to borrow. Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, and chip cards did not exist. Google was not a verb and the iMac was Apple’s coolest product – it came in every color of the rainbow and weighed in at 38lbs! The idea of any of your technology being ‘integrated’ with another was just not on the radar.
Things have changed.
As technology advances, we look to become more and more efficient at everything we do. I can film my kid’s concert, upload the video to Facebook, email it to my Mom, check my Google Analytics account and buy myself lunch (love my Starbucks app!) all from my phone! I don’t even need my wallet anymore. All of these very separate and very cool technologies are all accessed from my phone. Can you imagine! We have really come a long way - life is freaking convenient nowadays!
On the same note, all of the information on the security of my home – the status of my security system, the motion lights, the cameras, can all be accessed on my phone. All of that technology is integrated and accessible from my smartphone.
The idea of integrating the different technologies we work with comes up a lot, making businesses more efficient and forcing cyber criminals to sharpen their skills. Your cyber security plan should include all things security related: perimeter, data security, content protection and controls, passwords and encryption technology, privacy, IP, your API’s, etc. Your security systems should be in sync. They should talk to each other, just like the security systems in your home. Integrating your security technologies allows you to see everything that is going on and even anticipate potential problems. There are technologies that monitor web traffic now for the sole purpose of alerting security teams to potentially malicious cyber behavior – think ‘block watch’ for your networks. And what does Block Watch do if a crime is in progress? Call the police. In the IT world, these monitoring systems alert the system or team (or both) that will initiate a series of other systems to take action based on the events occurring.
When you integrate your security technologies you not only make things easier to manage, you also ensure that all of your systems are on the same page, working to achieve the same thing and keeping all of your systems, data, content, and employees protected from cybercrime. Cybercrime causes about $525 Million US in damage every year. The criminals evolve, just as our technology does, and to stay ahead of the game, businesses need to be on the lookout with integrated security system plans in place to deal with the potential problems as they happen, in real time.
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