Copyright & Piracy Online – No Big Deal?

Dec 4, 2015 12:05:55 AM

Copyright & Piracy Online – No Big Deal?How important is it to protect your intellectual properties? If you think that your content is safe, you may want to read on. Copyright infringement and online piracy may have a bigger impact than you may think.

According to a study done in 2010 by Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, about 70% of all internet users found nothing wrong in online piracy, while the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation found that about 24% of global internet bandwidth is used for online piracy. On average, sites that contain pirated content are getting about 146 million visits per day!

With this level of popularity, piracy has a huge impact on our economy as well. Approximately $12.5 billion in economic losses occur each year due to piracy in the music industry. As a result, $2.7 billion in workers’ earnings and 71,000 jobs are lost each year in the United States alone due to online piracy of music. The software industry is also getting hit, as it was reported in 2010 that $59 billion worth of software was illegally downloaded and 42% of software running worldwide was illegally downloaded.

Online piracy is a huge challenge that many industries are facing. If you’re a company with valuable intellectual properties, you should try your best to protect your content. Not only will you be safeguarding your company’s valuable assets, you’re also doing your part to put an end to online piracy.

Share these and other stats on online piracy with our Infographic: No Big Deal? Copyright & Piracy Online.


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