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Document Analytics Dashboard: Because Knowledge is Power. And Power is Bacon?

Sep 29, 2016 2:06:54 PM

pourbus_francis_baconWe’ve recently released a new document analytics tool – equipped with an awesome colorful and drillable dashboard – and our clients will use them to understand how their readers are consuming the secure content they distribute. Cool stuff. Nowadays, analytics and understanding the metrics are absolutely key to success in any business regardless of size – there is so much data…it can be a little overwhelming. Until dashboards, you either embraced your love of excel (which could snap up every second of your day) or you used the good old gut.


The risks of making decisions based on gut feeling versus actual data far outweigh the benefits. Take my industry for example – we help our clients secure the “valuable” content they produce for their clients. It’s valuable because they charge money for it, because the content teaches something, because the details provide insight to a topic (that will make someone money) and a million other reasons – all with one thing in common – the content is “valuable”, so much so, that our customers pay us money to help them keep it safe.


So how do you know if your content really is valuable?

  • I suppose if you have repeat business, you can pat yourself on the back
  • And if your content teaches people things and they learn from it – check, check!
  • If people use your content to make themselves money – nice!

document security drm dashboard


And now you can use analytics to understand exactly how your content is being consumed. That’s the key! What are they doing with the content – are they reading it or just skimming through it? It’s sort of like having a crystal ball…a little??


Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) said it first – “Knowledge is Power”. Hey, wait – did he invent bacon??? Back to the topic. Like the bacon guy said – the more you know, the more you can do. If you know how your content is being consumed, you will be able to do more of the stuff that your readers like and less of the stuff they do not like. This will make your content more interesting and your readers will come back for more. Knowing what your consumers want and giving it to them will cause them to consume more… increasing your revenues, making you more money, increasing your power and reach as a content distributor, so that you can buy more bacon.