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Finding the Delicate DRM Balance

May 19, 2016 1:05:21 AM

Finding the Delicate DRM Balance Are you concerned about someone stealing your intellectual properties? Have you ever considered that you could be losing on potential revenue due to copyright infringement and piracy? Do you publish your content online without digital rights management (DRM)? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then read on.

Having a DRM solution in place is like buying insurance, it protects your business from financial loss. A DRM solution allows you to control your content and ensure that it is protected at all times. Common features include watermarking, digital expiration, access control, and the ability to disable print, save, and copy/paste. There are even DRM solutions out there that provide analytics data on reader behaviour and how your content is being consumed. In the end, all these different solutions have one thing in common, and that is to protect your intellectual property from piracy and illegal file sharing.

It is true that DRM has met a lot of opposition from not only consumers, but various individuals and organizations in the media and technology space. The biggest criticism is that DRM restricts the end-user and takes away their accessibility and usability of the product or content. However, advances in DRM technology will over time change the negative connotation associated with the term. Eventually there will be a point where users will not even realize that the content they are consuming has been protected. These changes are already happening now, so don’t be afraid to explore the various DRM solutions so you can protect your intellectual property and your revenue.

There are many DRM solutions on the market today that can help secure your content. Some focus on providing high security while others provide a more friendly reader experience. You must ask yourself what factors are important to you and your customers. It is essential to find a right balance between security and keeping your customers happy. Sometimes having the most secured software might not make the most sense if your customers have to jump over a lot of hurdles to access your content.

“DRM is a business of trade-offs. To create the highest levels of document security, many limits must be placed on readers. But to allow for the largest readership and widest document distribution, document security must be as user-friendly as possible.”

- Beyond DRM – 6 Steps to Great Reader Experiences (download here)