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Advanced tools strengthen cloud security

Nov 6, 2012 3:31:53 AM

Cloud computing is slowly reaching mainstream adoption in the private sector as companies try to enhance cost savings and overall efficiency as much as possible in today's economy. However, many decision-makers are still hesitant to adopt the solutions because of the perception that the cloud's document security capabilities are not optimal.


Chris Weitz, a director at Deloitte Consulting, told TechTarget in an interview that this shouldn't be the case.


"There's absolutely nothing intrinsically dangerous about cloud computing. Nothing at all. It's just that it's new," Weitz said.


Rather than shrugging off the cloud because of the hype surrounding its inability to keep confidential resources protected, decision-makers should implement robust security solutions that provide IT departments with information as to how the cloud works, Weitz noted. By deploying monitoring tools and document rights management technologies, executives can gain greater visibility into the cloud and establish strategies to patch up any vulnerabilities.


A separate report by Help Net Security echoed this sentiment, noting that managers need to use authentication and verification technologies to enhance document protection by only permitting authorized individuals access to critical resources.