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Balancing risk management strategies

Jan 14, 2014 10:15:31 PM

Managing the risk landscape facing today's private sector is becoming a challenge for businesses around the world, especially as mobile and cloud technologies continue to disrupt operations. For this and other reasons, companies need to ensure that decision-makers remain in control of any initiatives aimed to improve document protection capabilities, according to an InfoWorld report.

Calculating risk requires executives to find the balance between keeping mission-critical resources safe and not impairing operations, the news source said. Adding to the complexity, IT departments, which are meant to help organizations face security concerns, often exaggerate circumstances by only sharing worst-case scenarios with decision-makers.

It is therefore important that managers use common sense and apply more advanced document security tools to highly sensitive resources, while taking the IT department's sometimes-pessimistic view with a grain of salt, according to InfoWorld. In this sense, applying intuitive access control systems may provide multiple advantages.

A document rights management platform, for example, will ensure only authorized individuals have access to highly confidential resources, while simultaneously providing executives with visibility into who views what files and why. By using these types of security tools, organizations will likely be able to manage risk more effectively.