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Big data strategies require security

Nov 6, 2012 3:36:04 AM

A survey at the recent IT EXPO conference revealed that analyzing and using big data can help companies improve overall performance and customer service. The study revealed that roughly half of attendees are either looking into how big data can help their organization, considering developing a strategy or already have one in place.


Many companies are turning to the cloud in the hopes of finding solutions that will support big data initiatives without dramatically increasing the budget. Unfortunately, the study found that roughly 66 percent of respondents were worried about the cloud's data and document security capabilities.


"The results also show that security remains a major concern," said Hugh Keeble, managing director with event organizer Imago Techmedia. "This needs to be addressed, as it could be holding companies back from using key technologies and solutions that have the potential to transform their business, offer a competitive differentiator or open up new revenue streams."


A separate report by TechTarget said businesses embracing big data need to keep security in mind, as exposing confidential information can lead to fines, compliance infringements or worse. As big data mastery becomes a necessary strategy, organizations need to use effective document security solutions.