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Businesses must prioritize managing sensitive assets

Nov 27, 2013 3:34:59 AM

Companies are often responsible for managing large volumes of documents containing sensitive customer information but are sometimes swamped with issues that make it difficult to meet privacy and security requirements. Some other businesses simply don't prioritize document protection strategies.

In a study of roughly 6,400 security executives, Edelman revealed that more than half of respondents think their organization does not consider securing personal customer information a priority. Another 62 percent said they do not have the appropriate tools to keep sensitive data safe.

"With the growing level of consumer, media and regulatory attention currently focused on privacy, businesses simply cannot afford to risk the reputational and financial damage that may result from a lack of attention to this business-critical need," said Ben Boyd, global chair of corporate practice at Edelman. "Rather, we see an opportunity for businesses to grow confidence and trust in their brands through thoughtful privacy and data management."

By deploying access control tools, for example, decision-makers can guarantee only authorized individuals have the ability to view confidential resources, mitigating major privacy and security concerns. Executives should also teach employees how to safely use sensitive assets to avoid potentially devastating breaches.