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Cloud, mobile introduce new access management challenges

Apr 10, 2013 5:11:29 AM

As if traditional document security initiatives were not complicated enough, the rapid adoption of cloud computing and mobile devices in the workplace is introducing even more challenges for IT departments. Now, exposing confidential resources is an even more likely possibility as the number of endpoints increases, according to a BankInfoSecurity report.


"A lot of security tenets today are built off the fact that you have this visible and single point in your network," said Dan Hubbard of the Cloud Security Alliance, according to the news source. "The cloud and mobility in the consumerization of IT are changing all of that. This kind of single traffic lane or freeway doesn't exist anymore."


In fact, one of the top threats associated with consumerization is unauthorized access to confidential resources through unprotected mobile gadgets, the news source said. For this reason, among others, decision-makers need to incorporate mobility and cloud solutions into their overall document protection program.


Executives should consider implementing document rights management and other access control tools to ensure only those permitted to view sensitive resources can do so. If companies neglect to adopt advanced security solutions, they will find themselves struggling to protect confidential resources during the age of consumerization.