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Clouds to be safer in future, experts say

Mar 18, 2013 4:22:37 AM

Despite the proliferation of cloud computing, many skeptics believe the hosted environments are not secure enough to keep sensitive documents safe. Other pundits, however, think this will change in the coming years.

A new report by Symantec noted that future cloud services will have robust document protection tools to provide more control over the hosted environments without jeopardizing compliance. This will become increasingly important as interconnected clouds emerge and businesses adopt bring your own device (BYOD) and other initiatives that introduce a greater number of platforms for accessing mission-critical resources.

In the future, clouds will be more agile and secure than they are today, Symantec asserted. These safe clouds will enable the private sector to progress, increasing IT affordability and the availability of resources along the way.

A separate report by Dark Reading said mobility will define the future of cloud document security. It is therefore important that companies consider implementing document rights management and other access control tools to prevent unauthorized users from viewing confidential documents that should be outside their reach.