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Consumerization may cause information to slip through cracks

Aug 17, 2013 5:44:38 AM

Much has been done by companies the past several years to better protect information assets, including the implementation of firewalls and policies for complicated passwords. Still, according to a recent SYS-CON Media report, important documents may still slip through the cracks.

Companies can thank consumerization for that, according to Vincent Schiavo. With employees bringing their own technology to work it's nearly impossible to secure each individual endpoint.

"As mobile devices are mostly used outside of protected office networks, conventional perimeter-based security components cannot be used to monitor and control their communications," he wrote. "Also, by virtue of their physical mobility, smartphones, PDAs and laptops can be lost or stolen more easily."

That's why, with the advent of BYOD policies, companies are now encouraged to implement document protection to safeguard the files themselves, rather than focus on securing devices. With these tools, organizations can determine which users have access to sensitive information, which prevents the risks associated with devices that are hacked, lost or stolen.

These days, protecting information should be a top priority for companies, according to a recent IT News Africa report, as intellectual property is now among their most valuable assets.