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Document rights management strategies must be monitored

Apr 30, 2013 5:12:06 AM

Cybercriminals launch a variety of attacks to gain sensitive information from companies, including attempts wherein they mimic employee credentials, according to a Dark Reading report. This raises the question as to whether firms are implementing identity and document rights management strategies strong enough to keep unwanted individuals at bay.

In many cases, outsiders target workers with privileged accounts that enable employees to access confidential resources, hindering a firm's overall document protection capabilities.

"The common belief is that if you're managing the user names, roles and privileges of your IT employees' personal accounts, then you're successfully controlling all privileged accounts and access," security expert Adam Bosnian said, according to Dark Reading.

This is not always the case, however, as many privileged identities act as conduits for direct entry to repositories containing highly sensitive information. As a result, decision-makers need to regularly test and monitor document security solutions, ensuring only authorized individuals are viewing mission-critical files. If executives neglect to constantly improve and change employee privileges, they will likely find themselves fighting complicated cybersecurity vulnerabilities at every turn.