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Document security key when embracing self-service IT

Jan 11, 2012 4:28:58 AM

A trend has been brewing for the past several years to place more IT capabilities in the hands of end users. However, when embracing this trend toward self-service, it's important that companies keep an eye on document security, according to a recent Computerworld report.

Specifically, the news provider said, companies will want to retain control over information even when employees are more empowered by technology.

"Retain tight control over corporate data," contributor Tracy Mayor encouraged. "User access to that data is important, but a user's need for data should never take precedence over security, privacy or regulatory compliance concerns."

That means employees should only have access to certain information - including folders, files and individual documents. With tight access restrictions, a company can ensure that only the necessary people have the ability to open and view documents.

Such capabilities are becoming increasingly important to protect intellectual property, experts say. Earlier this month a report from Forbes revealed that the American economy can lose nearly $300 billion if the problem of intellectual property theft is ignored. With document security, companies don't have to worry about contributing to the damages.