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Eliminating privacy risks with access management

Jun 5, 2013 4:16:08 AM

Privacy has always been a top concern within document security strategies, as inadvertently allowing unauthorized individuals to see sensitive files can lead to a devastating breach. A recent Lexology report highlighted this, stating that even the most well-managed companies can experience trouble through the smallest privacy mistakes.

The advent of the internet and cloud computing has made privacy issues more real, as employees can access mission-critical resources around the world on virtually any device. For this reason, among others, decision-makers need to identify which resources are deemed private and implement robust identity programs to ensure these assets are only viewed by individuals with the right credentials, the news source said.

However, compliance requirements often make implementing efficient privacy programs difficult, especially when an organization has branches reaching beyond the United States, which is becoming more common in the era of cloud computing.

Nevertheless, there is a way to avoid these problems. By deploying access control and other document rights management strategies, executives can ensure only authorized individuals see confidential files, regardless of work location. In doing so, decision-makers can reduce some of the privacy risks the company may be experiencing during the consumerization process.