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Employee training improves document security

Dec 10, 2013 3:36:04 AM

For a long time, businesses have acknowledged employees as security threats instead of assets. While this is sometimes the case in today's highly sophisticated cybersecurity landscape, it doesn't necessarily need to be.

A recent report by Dark Reading said decision-makers can implement advanced document protection training programs that make insiders more aware of security threats, thereby reducing the potential damage employees can cause during a breach.

"The status quo doesn't work," security expert Aaron Cohen said, according to Dark Reading. "People look at buying hundreds of firewalls but not spending the appropriate amount of money training their employees or making sure their employees know how to protect their assets."

Furthermore, a data breach should not necessarily mean death for an organization. Instead, executives should use the incidents as a learning experience to determine which document security solutions are the most effective at minimizing damage.

As the digital world evolves and introduces new threats, executives need to adapt and deploy robust strategies that keep confidential resources protected, as failing to do so will likely force the company to pay unnecessary fines or experience a tarnished reputation. By properly training individuals in how to keep sensitive assets safe, businesses will improve their odds of success.