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Encryption, Advanced Security Tools Keep Cloud-based Resources Safe

Feb 19, 2014 12:05:36 AM

Businesses today are embracing the digital age and have begun using cloud computing and other technologies to enhance their ability to manage the growing number of online resources. Since the virtual environments are relatively new, however, many decision-makers are looking for innovative document protection tools to ensure the safety of mission-critical resources.
In a recent discussion with Virtual-Strategy Magazine, security expert Rami Shalom said most companies want to use tools that provide more visibility into governance policies. Decision-makers need to be aware of when documents are moved, where they are migrated to and the purpose behind the transfer. Without this ability, IT departments will not be able to effectively protect confidential resources.
Shalom also said executives are leveraging encryption and other document security solutions to ensure individuals without the proper credentials do not have the ability to view sensitive records without permission, Virtual-Strategy Magazine reported.
Small and large companies alike should consider using document rights management tools that act as access control systems to prevent the unauthorized viewing of mission-critical assets. By using these technologies, the private sector as a whole will be able to embrace the cloud without the concern of inadvertently exposing critical information.