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Highlight and Markup Your Secure Document: Vitrium Releases New Features for Protectedpdf® Secure PDF Software

Oct 22, 2014 9:42:31 AM

[Vancouver, Oct 22, 2014] Vitrium™, maker of Protectedpdf® document DRM security software, announced today that its proprietary HTML5 web viewer (for viewing secured files via a web browser) will be upgraded to allow users (the readers of the document) to highlight and markup text within their secured documents.

Readers can save their highlights and annotations within the document, which is saved “server-side” so the reader can open the document on a different device at a later time – their desktop, laptop, or tablet device – and see their original highlights and annotations. The new feature will be included as part of Vitrium’s Protectedpdf® version 5.2 – due for release in early November.

To find out about all the new features for Protectedpdf®, go here.

Vitrium will be adding a range of additional new functionality to its web enabled document technology that will allow a reader to access secure documents via an HTML link:

  1. Custom login interface. The login for the secure HTML document will be customizable, allowing for branding and messaging opportunities for document owners, and readers will appreciate having a seamless login experience with their protected documents and materials.
  2. Single Sign-On. The online viewing of the document will now support “single sign-on” from a secure web portal or site, enabling a much more integrated and seamless experience for readers accessing materials. This “behind the scenes” feature may require a service engagement with Vitrium to integrate Pro and Enterprise versions of Protectedpdf®.
  3. Social DRM. The web view of the document now supports the same “social DRM” features we introduced into Protectedpdf® v5 desktop view, enabling administrators to apply a layer of security and a watermark to their documents, without requiring a login method to unlock the document. This lightweight DRM option is especially attractive to document owners who don’t require full security, but want the benefit of deterrence.
  4. Multiple Watermarks. The online version of the secure document now supports multiple watermarks enabling owners to stamp documents with however many watermarks required. This option is only available in the Pro and Enterprise versions of Protectedpdf®.

“Vitrium’s Protectedpdf® continues to deliver excellent reader experiences. With our new agile development framework, we’re listening to our customers and delivering improvements to our product in a much more responsive and timely manner. I think our customers and their readers will especially appreciate the new highlighting and annotating functionality available in the web viewer component of Protectedpdf® (the secure HTML link).”

Susan Daly, President & CEO
Vitrium Systems Inc.

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View the original PR Web release here.