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Identity in the cloud

May 9, 2013 5:12:59 AM

Organizations around the world are using cloud computing services to store mission-critical records in an off-site scalable environment. While doing so can invite a number of new possibilities for the private sector, it also raises some significant document security questions as to whether decision-makers are doing enough to keep confidential resources safe.

Managing identities, in particular, is becoming increasingly difficult with the cloud, according to a report by InfoWorld. In the past, IT departments could easily monitor who accessed sensitive documents and why. As operations began shifting toward off-site environments, however, decision-makers lost some control and visibility into user activity.

"The cloud in 2012 is different from the on-premise world of 2002," identity expert Patrick Harding said, according to InfoWorld. "Back then, a proliferation of different directories emerged that were then subsumed by [Active Directory]. Most on-premise apps were tied to AD for authentication and role/group management."

As more organizations embrace the cloud, executives will need to adopt identity and document rights management solutions that provide decision-makers with insight into who is accessing what and why. If companies neglect to use these tools, they will find themselves struggling to manage cloud security initiatives efficiently.