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Information sprawl creates new security issues

Sep 23, 2013 11:57:24 PM

The adoption of cloud computing and mobile technologies has contributed to a phenomenon known as "information sprawl," in which large volumes of data are hosted outside the traditional data center. A recent study by Symantec noted that this occurrence is having a major impact on document protection strategies, as decision-makers are finding it more difficult to keep confidential solutions safe.

Francis deSouza, an executive at Symantec, said this is contributing to a major transformation in the private sector.

"With mobile devices and cloud giving employees access to information from nearly anywhere, we're also seeing more sensitive information living beyond the traditional IT boundaries," deSouza said. "This is creating concern about how to best protect this information."

Symantec noted that decision-makers need to change their document security initiatives and focus on protecting the information itself, rather than cloud environments or mobile devices. Executives must also recognize that not all data is created equal and some assets need to be more thoroughly secured than others.

By implementing document rights and other identity management technologies, companies may be able to minimize risk by limiting access to confidential resources. In doing so, organizations can adopt cloud and mobile technologies more wholeheartedly.