IT must evolve to keep cloud security on par

Jan 5, 2015 10:48:19 PM

IT must evolve to keep cloud security on parThe ongoing proliferation of cloud computing is introducing both opportunities and challenges to businesses around the world, as it enables firms to make sensitive resources more accessible to employees. Unfortunately, this same capability also invites new document security issues, as some decision-makers are worried about losing control after migrating to the cloud.
A recent TechTarget report highlighted this concern, noting that general security is usually cited as the No. 1 inhibitor of the cloud. These worries often outweigh the potential benefits the cloud can provide.
For this reason, among others, IT departments need to be proactive with security when considering using the cloud, as failing to stay ahead will likely result in a company falling behind.
"IT has to continuously evolve its approach, because the trends have moved faster than the security tools," said Judith Hurwitz, CEO of the research firm Hurwitz and Associates.
By using advanced document rights management software, decision-makers can be sure only authorized individuals have the ability to view confidential resources. This and other access control technology will become increasingly important as the private sector migrates to public, multi-tenant cloud environments.
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