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Keeping documents safe during the mobile era

Oct 25, 2012 1:55:47 AM

Today's business world is no longer constricted by traditional bounds like desktop computers and phones. Instead, companies are adapting to the wireless work style to enhance performance and efficiency. While embracing to mobility can be beneficial, decision-makers need to understand where their sensitive documents reside and fully grasp the tools being used to keep them safe, according to a Help Net Security report.

The proliferation of cloud computing has helped companies achieve mobility more successfully, but has also led to a loss of document ownership, the news source said. This can result in costly breaches if the proper protective measures are not implemented.

"Today, the true security perimeter of a company lives within each document and document security must apply everywhere your files travel," digital security expert Luis Angel del Valle said, according to Help Net Security. "All this must be done without changing the way we work or impacting productivity."

A separate report by IT Business Edge said organizations need to plan security deployments before adopting next-generation technologies and leverage document rights management and other access control privileges to ensure only authorized users can view confidential records.