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Mobile computing requires new security practices

Dec 11, 2012 12:24:49 AM

As mobile computing strategies continue to take off in the private sector, decision-makers need to conduct thorough risk assessments to ensure document security projects are not jeopardized by next-generation technological initiatives. Unfortunately, many organizations are simply unprepared for the mobile phenomenon, according to a report by Dark Reading.

"Administrators don't typically have enough information to be able to tell their management, 'This is why you have to buy this or do that' because they aren't able to quantify their mobile risks," mobile risk manager Dan Ford said, according to the news source.

Many pundits believe mobile risk assessments should evolve around three topics: technology, policy and regulations. In other words, decision-makers must implement robust document security tools and practices that meet compliance requirements or risk jeopardizing confidential resources during the consumerization of IT.

Since mobile gadgets enable individuals to access mission-critical resources from virtually anywhere at anytime, executives should consider deploying document rights management tools that permit only authorized employees to view confidential assets. If companies fail to take the proper precautions during the evolution of mobile technologies, they will likely experience security vulnerabilities in the future.