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Mobile security initiatives need new boundaries

Mar 13, 2014 5:03:04 AM

A new study by InformationWeek Reports noted that document security, records protection and overall data loss prevention strategies will need to be reevaluated in 2014 due to the emergence of several technologies now being used across the private sector. The survey revealed that managing the complexity of security initiatives and enforcing governance policies were among the top challenges facing organizations in 2012.

These same problems will likely carry into the new year if decision-makers do not take charge. As mobile and cloud computing technologies continue to flourish, IT departments need to adopt next-generation data loss prevention strategies to keep mission-critical information safe, the report indicated.

Approximately 69 percent of respondents said mobile devices, in particular, pose a significant threat to existing document protection strategies, while another 21 percent said they will in the future, according to InformationWeek Reports. The study also found that 64 percent of executives believe encryption was the most effective method for keeping valuable resources secure.

This suggests longstanding document security and encryption strategies will still be capable of protecting sensitive assets in the age of mobility, as long as the projects are redefined to incorporate new parameters.