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No security initiative is too complicated to tackle

Jan 30, 2013 3:02:13 AM

While document security and encryption strategies are vital if organizations want to keep sensitive information away from outsiders, decision-makers need to understand the digital landscape if initiatives are to be effective. This received attention in a recent Dark Reading report, which found that some agencies claim deploying robust protective strategies is too complicated.

Encryption, in particular, is often seen as difficult and, as a result, confidential resources go unprotected.

"To suggest that it's too hard isn't taking into account the innovations that have taken place in the last ten years," encryption expert Mark Bower said, according to Dark Reading.

In other cases, executives take the stance that "data theft is inevitable." While there may be some truth to this sentiment, it doesn't mean companies should neglect to implement defensive measures, the news source said. In fact, they should do just the opposite and make strategies stronger.

By implementing identity and document rights management tools, for example, decision-makers can monitor who views confidential files and prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing resources inconsistent with their positions. This is extremely useful in the fight against cybercriminals and malicious insiders.