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Passwords, encryption become more important for businesses

Nov 13, 2012 2:06:15 AM

Protecting online resources is becoming increasingly important throughout the private sector, especially as companies around the world continue to use cloud and mobile computing technologies. While leveraging access and identity management tools can enhance document security, some firms are not emphasizing the proper use of these solutions.

A recent report by SecurityCoverage said many decision-makers are not protecting passwords as they should, largely because individuals do not fully understand the consequences of data theft.

"Password theft is increasing and the damage that can be done is very real," said SecurityCoverage CEO Robert O'Dell.

Small companies, in particular, need to be proactive with their document protection strategies by implementing robust passwords, encryption technologies and other security tools that can prevent unauthorized users from accessing mission-critical resources.

A separate report by the Ponemon Institute said document security and encryption strategies are becoming essential in the private sector, especially as companies continue to embrace next-generation technologies to enhance performance and efficiency. While cloud and mobile computing can give businesses a competitive advantage over rival firms, decision-makers need to ensure they are also implementing the right defenses to keep sensitive assets safe.