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Planning ahead can minimize document security vulnerabilities

Dec 4, 2012 1:23:40 AM

Although identity and access management projects can dramatically enhance document security, decision-makers need to ensure the processes are properly carried out, as blundered efforts can have significant negative side effects.

Executives need to align long-term goals with the venture, while simultaneously accounting for future technological trends, according to a report by Dark Reading. This is especially true when taking mobile initiatives into account, as they may introduce a number of unforeseen vulnerabilities.

"Mobile device adoption by users will result in access to internal corporate resources from managed and unmanaged hardware devices," IAM expert Darren Platt said, according to Dark Reading.

Decision-makers also need to ensure they apply the appropriate level of access to each employee, as too many privileges for workers can result in inadvertent internal breaches.

"I can't tell you how many times I've found people sharing accounts of people who have not worked at the organization for years because that account had 'all the right access' and they all knew the password," IAM expert Jonathan Sander said, according to the news source.

By planning ahead and implementing the right document rights management solution, executives can be sure sensitive information is contained and only accessed by authorized individuals.