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Vitrium Introduces BaseCamp for Publishers to Integrate Secure Protectedpdf Document Technology

Feb 8, 2006 12:00:58 AM

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada — February 8, 2006 — Vitrium Systems, a provider of Software as Service (SaS) Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection technology for documents, today announced the immediate availability of Vitrium's Base Camp. The protectedpdf Base Camp, available at is the starting point for organizations to integrate secure protectedpdf™ document technology and services with business products and systems worldwide. For the first time, from a web services company, developers now have access to a complete PDF rights management system through a 100% SaS Developer Kit.
"Vitrium's Base Camp allowed us to easily contribute to the growth and continued success of our clients' imaging solutions needs," said Wes Benwick, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bennett's Business Systems. "In no time, from the ground up, we were able to scale the offering of our scanning products to include secure protectedpdf document distribution and delivery for PDFs."
"We wish to make the protectedpdf technology accessible to developers who would like to experiment with documents and build their own secure protectedpdf document enabled applications. We can thereby help them make secure document protection come to life in any business product or system with the push of a button," states Narayan Sainaney, President and Chief Technology Officer, Vitrium Systems. "The protectedpdf Base Camp can unlock the potential for businesses to integrate security with hardware devices, grant secure document access and generation into billing systems and allow enterprise customers to carry out a 'try before you buy' DRM implementation."
Vitrium Systems is the creator of protectedpdf. Protectedpdf lets businesspeople secure, control and audit access to sensitive documents both within and outside their organizations, while protectedpdf.crm puts the same tracking and updating functionality in the service of sales & marketing professionals, allowing them to measure the reach and impact of white papers, sell sheets, and other collateral.
With protectedpdf, creating and monitoring a secure PDF is easy. A user uploads a standard PDF to and sets a security policy for the document. This policy defines which individuals can access the PDF and when, what specific credentials each must provide to do so, what privileges each will be granted, and so on. Once the desired security settings are in place, converts the PDF file into a protectedpdf, and the owner can then distribute it. With the protectedpdf Base Camp Developers Kit, all aspects of the protectedpdf server can be fully automated.
Protectedpdf can be viewed with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, just as they would any standard PDF. The owner can then track every time the document is read and as appropriate, revoke access to any or all people when the document goes out of date. Using the interface the owner can, within minutes, remove multiple protectedpdfs from circulation and replace them with updated ones.
Protectedpdf.crm, Vitrium Systems second protectedpdf product, uses the same underlying technology to address an entirely different need: lead generation. Those who register to receive white papers, sell sheets, and other materials typically offered as PDFs will often pass them on to other professionals, and those professionals may be potential sales leads also. However, organizations haven't known who is reading their materials beyond those who've registered for them. Adding to the problem, those PDFs have remained in circulation even when they go out of date.
With protectedpdf.crm, marketers can create PDFs that track themselves, and so function as electronic marketing research assistants. Any person who opens the file who has not previously registered will have to supply whatever qualifying information the marketer desires. That information, along with details such as the time the document was viewed and how many times it is viewed, can be automatically routed to the company CRM system. Vitrium Systems is a partner and is set up to work as a custom tab.

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