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[PRESS RELEASE] Vitrium Systems Announces the Release of Protectedpdf 2.5

Jan 15, 2007 12:00:05 AM

New version of Vitrium’s innovative Digital Rights Management solution for PDF documents realizes the promise of page-level protection

For Immediate Release

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada — January 15, 2007. Vitrium Systems today announced that it had released version 2.5 of protectedpdf, its core Digital Rights Management platform for PDF documents.

Vitrium’s innovative technology is available as a user-friendly hosted solution or a flexible on-premise deployment that can be integrated into existing business procedures and identity systems. Protectedpdf empowers online publishers to control access to PDF content and track readership patterns. For readers, it provides a seamless user experience, based on the ubiquitous, free Adobe Reader application, without the need for plug-ins or other additional downloads.

With this new version, Vitrium has realized one of its core aims, to empower users to protect content at thepage level. In other words, protectedpdf 2.5 gives publishers full flexibility over which parts of a document they wish to secure and which they choose to leave unprotected. Protectedpdf is the only document rights management solution to offer this feature which opens up extraordinary opportunities for attracting new readers with free preview content. Other new features include:

Customized protected pages
Publishers using protectedpdf 2.5 are able to customize the protected pages in their documents, adding company logos, other branding elements and instructions on how readers may obtain access to the protected content.

Document watermarking
To reduce indiscriminate sharing of hard copies, publishers can choose to have a protectedpdf 2.5 document display a visible watermark when printed. The unique watermark identifies the reader who printed the document.

Single sign-on
Publishers are able to group their protectedpdf 2.5 documents into “families”. A reader who signs-on to a single document in a given family automatically receives access to the entire family and will not have to unlock each and every document manually.

Versioning by URL
With protectedpdf 2.5, publishers can direct readers to a Web page in order to download the latest version of a document. This page can be tied to the publisher’s e-commerce system in cases where a renewed subscription or additional payment is required.

Narayan Sainaney, Vitrium’s President and Chief Technical Officer, said: “We’re very pleased to be announcing this new version of protectedpdf. We had a lot of great feedback from users of version one, which enabled us to expand and optimize the system’s features for this release. With the help of our customers, we intend to keep improving the functionality and capabilities of protectedpdf.”

About Vitrium Systems

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vitrium Systems is a private company specializing in document rights management and tracking solutions built using the innovative protectedpdf™ software engine. For more information about Vitrium and its products, visit our web site at