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Report: Cloud security concerns threaten deployment success

Oct 30, 2012 2:09:43 AM

Companies are turning to cloud computing more frequently than ever before in an effort to store mission-critical resources in safe, off-site environments. Unfortunately, many decision-makers are not placing enough emphasis on document security tools and practices and are unable to successfully implement the cloud without problems, according to a study by CipherCloud.

"Stalled or cancelled projects are costing companies millions," said Pravin Kothari, founder and chief executive officer at CipherCloud. "Many organizations are clearly deploying SaaS or cloud applications first and assessing the risk later."

CipherCloud noted that 66 percent of survey respondents said security, privacy and compliance concerns were the main inhibitors when migrating sensitive resources to cloud-based environments. Other decision-makers said they were unsure of the cloud's ability to ensure only authorized individuals can access mission-critical assets, which could result in data leaks or the failure to meet regulatory requirements.

"The cloud is experiencing explosive growth but the technologies to address the security threats associated with this new model had not kept pace," Kothari said.

As organizations continue to migrate records to the cloud, executives and IT departments should consider leveraging document rights management and other access control technologies that prevent unauthorized users from viewing and editing confidential files.