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Robust security tools lead to protected cloud environments

Jan 8, 2013 12:52:06 AM

Cloud computing is quickly gaining momentum in the private sector, especially as bring your own device and other mobile initiatives continue to see brisk adoption. Unfortunately, many decision-makers are still slightly intimidated by the cloud and, as a result, reluctant to trust the technology's document security capabilities.


Although cloud security perception may be driven by paranoia, it is still the No.1 reason organizations are avoiding the technology, according to a Computer Weekly report.


"Security is still one of the things where, even if there are solutions in the market today - which there are - if you add cloud computing to the equation, they have to be done in a different, efficient way," said Udo Schneider, solutions architect at Trend Micro, the source reported.


While encryption is often considered the foundation for any secure cloud environment, other tools can also enhance document protection capabilities. By implementing identity and document rights management technologies, for example, decision-makers can prevent unauthorized access to confidential resources.


By deploying robust solutions and educating employees on best practices, companies may be able to embrace the cloud revolution without leaving sensitive documents susceptible to outsiders.