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Security initiatives must consider human factor

Feb 6, 2013 3:30:06 AM

Data breaches can have devastating consequences for companies, as exposing sensitive information can lead to damaged reputations, lost customers and fines due to failure to comply with regulations. Decision-makers need to be proactive, not reactive, regarding these situations, as implementing advanced document protection strategies may help firms avoid breaches altogether, according to an FCW report.

Companies need to move away from traditional security tactics and embrace next-generation strategies if they want to keep confidential resources safe. Furthermore, decision-makers need to think about the weakest link: the human factor.

In many cases, a data breach is caused by employee negligence. This idea found support in a separate report by the Ponemon Institute, which found that more than half of organizations experienced data loss in 2011 because employees circumvented traditional document security tools to make work more convenient.

To combat this issue, executives need to step up their game and deploy two-factor authentication practices, FCW noted. Advanced document rights management tools will help organizations do so by limiting unauthorized access to confidential resources. They monitor who views which digital assets and why.