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Security initiatives should be offensive

Nov 12, 2013 5:04:37 AM

Transformations in the private sector have made it more important that decision-makers change their traditional document protection strategies, as confidential information becoming exposed is never a good thing. In the past, companies could simply protect the data center to ensure mission-critical resources were safeguarded. Today, however, this is no longer the case.

Perimeter security initiatives now need to incorporate employee mobile devices and identities, according to a Dark Reading report. This is because innovative solutions enable individuals to access confidential resources from virtually anywhere, making it more difficult for IT departments to ensure only authorized personnel view sensitive documents.

Corporate executives should consider going on the offensive to mitigate risk, Dark Reading noted. In doing so, decision-makers will be able to monitor employee activity and charge anyone responsible for exposing sensitive information.

Another report, by CA Technologies, said companies should deploy identity and access management solutions to ensure document security initiatives are robust and effective. These strategies will become increasingly important as innovative services emerge and let individuals view confidential resources from virtually anywhere.

If companies neglect to adapt to change, they will likely find themselves neck-deep in trouble trying to maintain a secure work environment.