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Social media invites potential security risks

May 28, 2013 4:07:53 AM

In addition to embracing cloud computing and mobile devices in the workplace, decision-makers are also embracing strategies in which they adopt social networking solutions to enhance collaboration. Although this can significantly boost performance and teamwork, SC Magazine said it also puts a strain on document security, as executives may not be fully aware of where and how confidential resources are being used.

"With employees wanting the same experience in the office as they have at home, it's no surprise that social networking emerges as a serious concern for the IT department," said Raj Samani of McAfee, according to the news source. "As the consumerization of IT continues to extend its reach into the workplace, it's crucial for IT to take control and set manageable policies for employees to follow."

Decision-makers should consider establishing firm document protection strategies in which they implement robust identity policies, limiting unauthorized access of mission-critical resources in and outside the office.

Social media is rapidly making its way into the corporate setting. As it does so, executives need to be proactive and deploy innovative programs that keep businesses safe and efficient.