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Study: Businesses unaware of security vulnerabilities

Feb 5, 2014 2:19:03 AM

A new study by B2B International revealed that roughly half of companies around the world are unaware of the document security issues they face each day. The survey, which polled more than 3,300 senior-level IT professionals, also found that approximately 58 percent of respondents lack the necessary resources to ensure mission-critical information remains safe.

Thirty-five percent of decision-makers said they do not have the appropriate number of trained personnel, B2B International noted. This issue needs to be tackled with intensive training programs, not just the hiring of new employees.

"Increasing the level of computer literacy among staff is an essential element of security, while senior management needs to be fully aware of the potential consequences of cyberthreats and understand that reliable protection of the corporate network is vital in ensuring the effective development of a company's IT infrastructure," security expert Eugene Kaspersky said.

Decision-makers should consider educating employees in access control policies, which limit an individual's ability to view classified material without the proper credentials. This, along with general security best practices training, will likely enhance document protection initiatives.