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Study: Companies losing control over cloud deployments

May 14, 2013 4:06:54 AM

A recent study by Symform revealed that decision-makers across the country are losing control over cloud deployments, largely because they do not even know they are using the cloud. The survey, which polled close to 500 companies, found that only 61 percent of organizations acknowledged they were using the cloud, even though the majority of the remaining respondents were also using the technology.

"This research validates how cloud applications and services are being purchased and managed increasingly by non-IT departments and illustrates the need for IT to reclaim control from a policy and governance standpoint while still enabling the business to benefit from the cloud's agility and cost effectiveness," said Margaret Dawson, vice president of product management at Symform.

Respondents said the No. 1 concern with document protection in the cloud was access control, as IT departments have trouble monitoring which employees are using the cloud for what purposes. Dawson said that adopting the cloud may be inevitable, but that doesn't mean executives should lose all authority over the hosted environments.

By deploying advanced document rights management tools, for example, decision-makers can regain visibility into cloud deployment strategies. In doing so, companies can reduce the security vulnerability associated with inappropriate access to the cloud.