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Study: SMBs have trouble keeping up with IT changes

Nov 27, 2012 1:22:32 AM

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are constantly fighting an uphill battle in today's unpredictable economy. Since they don't have as many resources as larger firms, SMBs are finding it difficult to keep with with the constantly evolving technological landscape, according to a new study by SWC Technology Partners.

The survey polled more than 220 IT and business decision-makers and found that roughly 30 percent of respondents said staying on pace with technological change is the top IT pain point today. Furthermore, the study revealed that cloud computing and mobile initiatives, which are commonly proclaimed to be top priorities for small firms, were trumped by budget maintenance projects and document security strategies.

"Change has always been a hallmark of IT but we are beginning to see extreme shifts in business models and IT strategy," said Elliott Baretz, SWC vice president. "How today's IT leaders responds to this new chapter is going to separate who simply keeps up with technology from those who prosper through it."

By leveraging advanced document rights management and other tools, small firms can keep sensitive resources protected without straining the budget. In time, this will enable decision-makers to embrace advanced technologies like cloud computing that will help them remain competitive.