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Study: SMBs not meeting PCI DSS

Feb 13, 2013 3:08:37 AM

Small and medium-sized businesses, also known as Level 4 merchants, are not doing enough to remain compliant with payment card industry data security standards, according to a new study by ControlScan and Merchant Warehouse. The survey, which polled more than 600 companies, revealed that both online and brick-and-mortar SMBs are not placing enough emphasis on document protection.

"Just under half of this year's respondents indicated they are unaware of the PCI DSS," said Joan Herbig, CEO of ControlScan. "That finding, combined with the fact that 79 percent of respondents think their business has little to no risk of breach, indicates a serious disconnect between Level 4 merchants and the ISOs and acquiring banks serving them."

The study found that only half of survey respondents verified their document security strategies are up to code and able to keep mission-critical information protected. Since SMBs have fewer exhaustible resources, they need to find the appropriate tools that can keep confidential resources safe.

By deploying document rights management solutions and other access control technologies, decision-makers can guarantee that only authorized individuals have the ability to view sensitive assets. In doing so, SMBs can also meet compliance requirements.