Survey reveals document security vulnerabilities at Irish firms

May 14, 2012 4:12:35 AM

A recent survey demonstrates that many Irish companies may be at risk of data breaches and the loss of intellectual property due to insufficient document security procedures.

Conducted by Amarach Research, the study surveyed 1,000 workers across Ireland, Silicon Republic reports. The results revealed that many employees engage in behavior which can put their company's data at risk. For example, 12 percent of respondents admitted to taking an employer's contact list with them when they left the company. Additionally, 18 percent store work-related data on USB drives and 19 percent email work documents to their personal accounts.

As these figures demonstrate, many Irish firms can improve their document security procedures. Industry experts widely recommend implementing education policies designed to inform workers of the threat of data loss and how to avoid high-risk behaviors.

Additionally, a recent IDC report advocated increased use of encryption tools among companies to deter insider threats. If sensitive documents are encrypted, then unauthorized employees will be unable to access the stored information, protecting it in case the employee attempts to steal intellectual property.


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