Vitrium Adds Secure Document Encryption for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files to its DRM Platform

Jun 6, 2016 12:42:12 PM

New add-in will allow document owners to protect and track their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with Vitrium's document security and analytics solution.

Protect MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint[PRWeb | Vancouver, BC, June 6, 2016] Vitrium announced today that its popular document security solution, Protectedpdf, will be expanding beyond PDF files with the upcoming release of a Microsoft Office add-in that will allow document owners to protect their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The new add-in will not only provide encryption for confidential documents, such as financial statements, board materials, and sales sheets, but also digital rights management for revenue-generating content, such as training materials, research reports, eBooks, and more.

Document owners will be able to protect their Microsoft Office files in one of two ways: they can protect a file directly from within the Microsoft Office application they’re working in (Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), or they can send an email using Microsoft Outlook and attach the desired Microsoft Office file, which is protected during the sending process. There is also the option to include a secured web link in the email rather than attach a file.

Whether the files are shared or distributed outside the corporate network, saved onto an unsecured platform, synced to a device, or found on a lost or stolen device, the files stay protected with Vitrium’s 256-bit encryption security technology. As with any Vitrium-secured document, authorized viewers can access the secured file without needing to download any plug-ins, apps, or additional software using Vitrium’s zero footprint web viewer – accessible on any device, mobile or desktop, using any modern web browser.

In addition to applying encryption, document owners can take advantage of all the rich document security and DRM features offered by Vitrium, such as password protection, copy and print control, document expiry, device limits, reader access control, user-specific watermarks, and more.

With Vitrium’s release of document analytics earlier this year, content producers will be able to track the performance of their secured documents with detailed, real-time data. With document-level and page-level statistics such as document views, page views, time spent, and read-through-rate, content producers will be able to use these metrics to optimize their content for better reader engagement. They will also discover who their most active readers are, what applications or browsers are used, and where their readers are located to ensure that their content is reaching the right target audience.

“Our mission is to make documents better by providing document security solutions that empower content owners to protect their valuable, sensitive and revenue-generating content. Although securing PDF files will always be at our core, I’m thrilled to announce this latest release from Vitrium as the expansion beyond PDF is the pivotal first step to being able to offer a more versatile document security solution to the corporate institutions we sell to. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files are the ubiquitous document formats for small, medium and large businesses and we’re committed to working with these formats. There will be more announcements in the months to come as Vitrium continues its path to become the leading content security and analytics provider in the market.”

-Susan Daly, CEO, Vitrium Systems Inc.


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