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Vitrium Beta Release of Document Encryption Add-In for Microsoft Office

Jul 19, 2016 4:47:53 AM

Document security and secure file sharing solution provider, Vitrium, releases beta of encryption add-in for Microsoft Office.

[PRWeb | Vancouver, BC, July 19, 2016] Vitrium announced today the latest release of its document protection and secure file sharing solution, Protectedpdf, which includes a beta version of the highly anticipated add-in for Microsoft Office that allows document owners to protect their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as the ability to email encrypted files to their users with Microsoft Outlook. For the first time ever, Vitrium is moving beyond protection of PDF files, providing encryption and digital rights management for confidential or revenue-generating Microsoft Office documents, such as financial statements, sales presentations, training materials, research reports, eBooks, and much more.
Using Vitrium’s file security add-in, document owners can protect their Microsoft Office files in two different ways. First, they can protect a file directly within the Microsoft Office application, whether it’s Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and the file gets encrypted and uploaded immediately to the Protectedpdf application which can then be shared with the appropriate users. Additionally, the document owner can send an unsecured Microsoft Office or PDF file via email (as an attachment and a link) and the file is protected during the sending process. The email recipient would then need to use their login credentials to unlock and access the shared file.
The files are secured with Vitrium’s 256-bit encryption technology and can be confidently shared outside the corporate network, saved onto an unsecured platform, or synced to a mobile device – the encryption follows the document wherever it goes. Authorized viewers can access the encrypted file with Vitrium’s zero footprint HTML5 web viewer on any device, using any modern web browser.
In addition to file encryption, document owners can apply rich document security and DRM features offered by Vitrium, such as password protection, copy and print control, document expiry, device limits, reader access control, user-specific watermarks, and more. Document owners can also track the performance of their encrypted files with detailed, real-time data using Vitrium’s document analytics. Document-level and page-level metrics, such as document views, page views, time spent, and read-through-rate, provide insights that allow content producers to optimize their content for better reader engagement.
“In pursuit of our mission to provide document protection and secure file sharing solutions that empower content owners to protect their valuable, sensitive and revenue-generating content, I’m overjoyed to announce the beta release of Vitrium’s add-in for Microsoft Office. This expansion beyond PDF is vital to our vision of providing the most versatile document security solution in the market for SMBs and large enterprises. Today we announce the protection of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and soon we’ll have more news on the way!”

-Susan Daly, CEO, Vitrium Systems Inc.

Along with Vitrium’s add-in for Microsoft Office, staff roles have been introduced in the latest release of Protectedpdf for the Pro and Enterprise editions. Organizations can now choose to grant distinct privileges within the Protectedpdf platform to different members of their teams. With the new roles, they can determine who in their organization has the ability to make changes to documents, readers, groups, reports, permissions, settings, and more.