Vitrium Releases Strong 256-Bit Encryption Document DRM for Mobile Users

May 7, 2015 1:31:08 AM

Vitrium Releases Strong 256-Bit Encryption Document DRM for Mobile Users [PRWEB | Vancouver, May 7, 2015] Vitrium™ announced today that it has released version 5.5 of Protectedpdf, the popular cloud-based DRM (IRM) and document security software solution. This latest version hardens security for its HTML5 web link and provides military grade encryption protection for documents, especially those that are shared to mobile devices.

Confidential documents secured with the Protectedpdf v5.5 web link will now be secured by default using the latest standard in 256-bit AES military grade encryption without the need for end-users to download plugs or proprietary viewers to open it on the other end. The highly secured document is viewable on any modern browser and mobile users will find this DRM document security technology to be more lightweight than many others on the market today.

Organizations with highly sensitive documents, and those who must meet strict compliance and governance obligations, will find this zero-footprint encryption valuable, particularly for mobile end-users. The document-level wrap-around security solution can now meet the need for good governance in regards to confidential information that might travel outside of the perimeter, or be synced to cloud-based file sharing services. Industries that require strong protection will find this enhancement particularly relevant.

Protectedpdf 256-bit encryption is applied to the secured HTML5 web link at the time the document is secured, and includes:

  1. Full 256-bit AES military grade encryption for web linked documents in both online and offline mode
  2. Offline document encryption to ensure the best possible security – preventing unauthorized copying to other devices
  3. Content is encrypted by the server prior to sending it to the client
  4. End-user must have the correct decryption key in order to access content
  5. Strongest brute force attack prevention (1.1 x 10^77 possible key combinations)
  6. One-time hashing of the user’s password
    • Never reveals the user’s password during communication or with the server
    • The password is hashed client side and then only the hash is sent to the server
    • The server hashes the user’s real password using the same one-time hashing key and compares these hashes
    • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack also prevented
    • Replay attack also prevented

“Vitrium has committed to providing the best security possible. Strong encryption with the web link technology enables organizations to secure and share their most confidential material while minimizing the impact to end-users who can use any device to access it. This change enables Vitrium to make more of a security commitment to customers, and service new markets that have the need for high-level protection for their sensitive documents.”

- Chris Butlin, President & CEO,Vitrium Systems Inc.

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