Vitrium's Protectedpdf named KMWorld Trend - Setting Product of 2016

Today Vitrium System’s announced that KMWorld, a leading publisher in the knowledge management, content management and document management markets, selected its document security solution Protectedpdf v6 as one of its Trend-Setting Products of 2016. Each year, KMWorld organizes a panel of experts that examines software in terms of usefulness, scalability, and level of innovation. When it comes to information rights management, often referred to as IRM or DRM (Digital Rights Management), the KMWorld judging panel found in Vitrium’s Protectedpdf one of the most versatile document security solutions in the market for SMBs and large enterprises.


KMWorld Editor Sandra Haimila says, “Each year we look for software products that break new territory in helping organizations achieve their knowledge management goals. These products are designed, developed and perfectly timed to fill a niche in the marketplace before users are even aware that such functionality and flexibility have been missing. Designated as the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016, these offerings hold the promise for the marketplace.”


Focusing on how digital rights management technology is used, Vitrium has set out to innovate the industry by prioritizing ease-of-use in its DRM solutions - both for the content owner and the user (person consuming the content). Companies have the need to share sensitive information with ease, distributing confidential documents (financial documents, training materials, research reports, etc.) among employees or to recipients outside of the company – and outside the range of corporate security. Vitrium’s Protectedpdf v6 uses 256-bit AES encryption technology – the same encryption standard used by the military –to secure documents shared outside the corporate network, even when saved onto an unsecured platform, or synced to a mobile device.


With file level security, Vitrium customers's documents are secure wherever they go as encryption travels with the document. Taking it one step further, customers gain insight into how their documents are being consumed with the extensive tracking and analytics capabilities built into Protectedpdf v6. The document analytics shows information such as who’s opening the secured documents, when, from which IP address or machine ID, and what pages are being viewed.


Vitrium’s document security solution is among the list of KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products of 2016 because its clients don’t have to trade in ease-of-use and accessibility for a strong level of security. With Protectedpdf v6 companies, are armed with rich document security and DRM features, such as password protection, copy and print control, document expiry for remote deletion of files, device limits, reader access control, and user-specific watermarks to name a few. But while most DRM solutions require users and recipients of files to install a 3rd party app or tool to access documents, Vitrium does not. With no app to download or plug-in necessary (authorized viewers can access the encrypted file with Vitrium’s zero footprint HTML5 web viewer on any device, using any modern web browser, Vitrium has made big strides in improving the user experience on any device without sacrificing the customers’ desired level of security.


Susan Daly, President and CEO at Vitrium commented on the achievement, “It’s great to receive this kind of recognition for simply following through on our mission to empower content owners and users to have easy access to secured content. As a software developer we are always looking to innovate and bring to market technology and features that will bring people the most use. Whether we are protecting your valuable research reports, training materials, confidential merger and acquisition documents, copyrighted content, or more, we are always looking ahead to what our customers’ and their users’ needs will be today and in the future. Our hands-on approach and flexible delivery options for a document DRM and analytics solution gives our customers what they are looking for and that has ultimately driven our growth for the past ten years.”


In recent months, Vitrium has rolled out new functionality and features for the trend-setting document security solution. These include protection of Microsoft Office files and securing files as attachments when sending from Microsoft Outlook, as well as document analytics through a new dashboard and extensive reports on document use and distribution. In addition, Vitrium offers unique accessibility for the visually impaired, as documents secured with Protectedpdf v6 are compatible with popular read-out-loud programs for the hard-of-sight and other visually impaired users. With the expansion of supported files beyond PDF and with more to come on its roadmap, Vitrium will be announcing a new name for its product line later this Fall.


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