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May 18, 2016 2:40:46 PM

We Need Your Help - Participate In Our SurveyWebWorks and Vitrium Systems would like your help! We are hoping to get your opinion on a new business partnership that may benefit your business – but you’ll need to tell us!
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You invest in Web Works so that you can create beautiful content. No other technology allows you to convert your single-source documentation to 16 different premium outputs with just one click. But you already knew that. And now with WebWorks Reverb – you can publish HTML5 to any device, present or future, from a single file set. Create awesome, customized PDF’s that can be published to any device in HTML5 - total control for you and no custom coding.
Now that you have your content – and you know you are proud of it… what are you going to do with it? If you have created this content to support a training program or any revenue generating action, then don’t you want to make sure it’s safe? If you have created content to keep your team up to speed on the latest developments with your product (not to mention the road map!) don’t you want to know that the right people, and not the wrong people, can read it?
WebWorks and Vitrium Systems have a combined solution that can help. Combining the power of content creation with Reverb and pushing HTML5 to your consumer’s devices is great. Pushing secured HTML5 to your consumer’s devices that is secure and will not be accessed by the wrong people is peace of mind!
If you want to share your content with the world, then do it! But some content needs to be shared 'selectively' - some content is proprietary, or revenue generating or just plain confidential and in these cases, it makes sense to protect your hard work. Have control over your content without limiting the experience for the intended audience.
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