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Oct 7, 2016 4:41:33 PM

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What Makes Vitrium Unique

We all like to believe it won’t happen to us. That our confidential and sensitive documents are secured and at no risk of being hacked or stolen. But as the need to share content in the workplace grows exponentially, the risk associated with file sharing in companies also grows. Digital information can be copied within the span of a few seconds and multiplied millions of times over. Small thefts, plagiarism, and copyright violations happen all the time and most of the time the impact is insignificant. But the potential damage from a major information leak can be substantial.

For most companies, that risk escalates with the volume of information stored and shared, as well as with the types of documents that are shared.

The best way to counter such a risk is to ensure that you have a proactive plan to properly monitor and secure information from internal and external threats, and that this plan includes document-level protection. Even if it is shared off of a protected network, or onto multiple devices, your valuable or sensitive documents have protection.

Vitrium has helped hundreds of companies protect their important, sensitive, and revenue-generating documents, and helped make these secure documents accessible to readers anywhere, on any device, with no hassles.

Vitrium enables you to offer your customers the tools to protect the documents that are most important and crucial for their businesses, no matter where those documents go or how they are accessed.

A Glance at Features of Vitrium Security


Vitrium has helped hundreds of companies protect their important, sensitive, and revenue-generating documents, and helped make these secure documents accessible to readers anywhere, on any device, with no hassles.

  • Access anywhere, on any device. Many DRM (digital rights management) solutions impose a disruptive workflow on the end-user, forcing them to download software, plug-ins, and open frustrating multiple window panels just to open the document that they are being sent or downloading after purchase. Vitrium Security changes all that. Our technology works with the software that the user already has. Whether on their desktop, or their device browser, readers get access to the document in a fast, hassle-free way ensuring that they have a painless experience with your customer’s content.
  • Security that travels. Some DRM and file sharing platforms secure the environment, but don’t protect the actual document as it travels outside of the network (or corporate firewall) and is shared with other people, or synced with devices. Vitrium Security travels with the document so that no matter where it is going, it’s protected.
  • Vitrium Security puts content owners in control. Administrators have granular control over who accesses documents, and when, by controlling reader access by IP addresses, enforcing time limits and applying revocation, plus tracking who has accessed these documents and when.
  • IT departments find it easy to integrate Vitrium Security and document owners love how quick and easy it is to use. Our intuitive dashboard and easy admin controls make securing documents a breeze. The software can be integrated with multiple systems, and either installed on your customer’s servers or accessed via the cloud.

The bottom line: Vitrium Security is the most hassle-free document security solution that both content producers and IT departments love.

As a Vitrium Channel Partner you’ll be able to tap into the vast growth potential in the secure file sharing market, leverage the increasing market awareness of data protection issues, accelerate sales and build your revenue.


Trends in the file sharing market


The potential of the file sharing and synchronization (FSS) market is enormous, and growing by leaps and bounds. If you are in a business that shares digital files, and almost all of us are, then chances are high that there is a need to protect at least some of the content being shared.

“Growth of the cloud-platform industry will be exponential, as cloud virtualization is increasingly appreciated globally and is more readily available in more regions. Particularly in Asia, where we’ve seen a strong desire for greater capacity in the region. Despite these positive gains, however, security in the cloud remains a valid concern.”
- Ben Uretsky, Founder and CEO, DigitalOcean.

File Sharing and Synchronization (FSS) Market

Osterman Research forecasts that the worldwide Total Available Market (TAM) for FSS capabilities was 591.4 million seats in 2012 and will grow to 781.4 million seats by 2017, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 5.7%, as shown in the figure (right). The estimate of the TAM value in 2012 was $79.8 billion, growing to $106 billion by 20171. Some estimates are far higher, but however you slice it, consumerization of the file storage and collaboration market means that it is here to stay. Even though the initial stages of the trend were largely user driven, or “rogue” (not IT prompted), most IT departments today are having to grapple with policies around file sharing and the inherent risks and benefits of these solutions.

Market Conditions


1. Accessibility of Solutions forrsights-application-survey
Accessibility is a factor, as the number of devices being used to access data and documents in the cloud, on hosted servers or hybrids, is also growing tremendously.

A recent study by Forrester Research Inc. shows it is now common for workers to use at least three or more devices for their regular work (52%)2, making document sharing between devices much more likely.

It is now imperative that companies consider the accessibility of their data and documents when sharing and storing them, whether they are using a cloud, installed or hybrid software solution.


2. File Security

In the Forrester Applications and Collaboration Workforce Survey, the sensitivity of the information was second to accessibility when deciding which information sharing technology to adopt, showing that those making buying decisions do consider content sensitivity a top priority in the buying cycle.
Additionally, information and document security in the cloud has been a major risk factor in adoption of cloud technology, as companies seek to retain internal control of, and access to, their most important digital assets.

Solutions that offer an installed enterprise level options with integration are still preferred by many larger companies.

3. File Handling and Governance

Forrester also discovered that the most common source of data leakage continues to be internal, and is often associated with handling (governance) failures.

“Human error, in addition to data security policy and data handling process failures, is a common cause of data breach and security incidents. In 2013, out of 1,460 publicly reported cyberevents, 325 were caused by a data governance failure, representing 22% of incidents overall (see Figure 4).
As employees engage in collaboration and file sharing, they do so from various device types, or seek to sync files across devices for easy access on the go, they also risk losing or exposing information. For example, in September 2013, an employee at the Georgia Department of Labor accidentally emailed an internal file containing names and SSNs of 4,457 career center customers to 1,000 recipients. And in cases where the correct files are shared with the correct recipients, many firms are blind to what happens to their data after that point: Will the recipients forward the file and information to others that should not be privy to it?”3


Market Opportunity


The reason for this is that employees often don’t have a clear understanding of security risks, companies lack policies, or if they do have policies, they aren’t clearly communicated to staff along with the appropriate workflows. There is opportunity for technologies that can be easily integrated into workflows, and can assist in establishing better (and more secure) document handling procedures.

Other risks might include documents and data on lost or stolen devices, documents synched to unsecure networks, employees or outsiders who inadvertently, or maliciously, share sensitive documents or information. Also of concern are competitors who have an interest in leveraging trade secrets, hackers who seek or come across sensitive documents on devices via trojan apps, on poorly secured networks or sharing platforms, and pirates who intentionally steal copyrighted data/content to share it or modify it illegally.

It’s clear there is a huge FSS market along with a growing awareness of security issues and the need to address them with technologies that make sense. The market is primed, ready, and needs document security solutions that: allow for maximum accessibility, travel with the document, and provide a good reader experience. Vitrium Security is one of the only solutions on the market today that can fulfill all these needs.


Vitrium’s Channel Program Partner


Vitrium has several channel partner programs to suit your business goals.

Referral Partner


Earn a commission. Our referral partner program rewards you for finding leads and passing them to the Vitrium sales team. For every referral you send our way that signs on with Vitrium, you earn a 5% commission in the first year the deal closes.

The Process
1. You evaluate and qualify leads.
2. You send them to us.
3. We close the deal.
4. We bill the customer directly.
5. We cut you a commission check.

There’s no administration overhead for you. Once you turn over the lead, you sit back and wait for your check on every closed deal.


Reseller Partner


Earn recurring revenue. When you resell Vitrium Security, you earn a recurring discount for the life of the account. Best of all, you remain the trusted advisor to your clients, continuing to own the sales cycle and account management. To ensure you can find the best match for your business, there are three reseller partnership tiers.

As a Reseller Partner with the world’s most innovate document security solution you get:

  • Profit Opportunities: Up front discounts, deal registration, annual recurring revenue opportunities, promotions and incentives.
  • Value-add Services: Executive exposure, ability to resell service and support, joint business planning sessions and product roadmap briefings.
  • Sales Enablement Benefits: Joint sales and demo calls, sales training, competitive comparisons, use cases, white papers, analyst reports and data sheets.
  • Marketing Benefits: Access to marketing collateral and co-marketing programs.
  • Training and Support Benefits: Pre-sales support, sales training and much more.


OEM or Strategic Partner


Embed our solutions directly into your own applications for greater market potential by becoming a Vitrium OEM Partner. Build more secure products for less and give your customers the best of both worlds – our hassle-free document security backed by your own deep industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Expand your market reach and increase top and bottom line revenue
  • Minimize development time and cost – and accelerate time to market
  • Increase deal size with a larger portfolio of product offerings
  • Give your customers tools to help them protect their revenue-generating or sensitive materials

Vitrium is constantly looking to build relationships with companies that will help us broaden and expand our product and build solutions that meet the cross-functional needs of today’s marketplace. Our OEM or strategic partnership program is designed to build relationships with industry stakeholders and advance our joint interests.


Benefits of Selling Vitrium Security


Depending on category of your partnership, Vitrium offers a variety of benefits and opportunities.

On the following page you can see the breakdown of each category of partnership available to you as a Vitrium Security representative, and the benefits associated with each.

We’re always open to discussing a unique partnership if you have something in mind.

Personal Approach


Our channel sales team is ready to personally work with each and every partner to ensure the success of your program. You can be assured that with Vitrium, we’ll take your progress seriously and help you along every step of the way with all the tools you need to succeed.

Book an appointment with our channel sales team today to find out what we can do for your business!


About Vitrium Security, a Document DRM Solution


When your clients begin to investigate document security solutions, we invite you to explore with them some of the benefits of using our popular document protection software. Vitrium Security ensures that documents are protected no matter where they go. As our security measures travel with the document, they can be safely uploaded to cloud sharing platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, MS OneDrive, and Salesforce. Millions of readers have accessed our secure documents with our cloud-based and on-premise solutions.


Benefits To Users


devices-icon-oAccess Anywhere
These days readers want access on all of their devices. That’s why we’ve made sure Vitrium Security documents are distributed and accessible to all your users at any time, no matter what they use - desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

computer-icon-o No Plug-Ins or Downloads Vitrium Security is designed to be seamless and hassle-free! It’ll work with the programs and methods your readers already use, like Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs on a desktop, or any modern web browser for viewing documents on tablets or other mobile devices.


Benefits To Content Owners and Publishers


documents-icon-oProtect Any PDF Document
Use Vitrium Security to secure your eBooks, textbooks, educational or other course materials, research reports, financial statements, investment proposals, case studies, white papers, sales sheets, design specs, and much more. Any PDF can be secured - surprise us with your use case!

security-icon-bgControl Those Documents
Easily control how your documents are distributed by setting different reader copy and print controls, shredding (digital expiry), true watermarking and more. For admins, it’s fast and easy to upload the document to the software interface, assign readers and permissions, and send the document out. Our integration options can make this process fit into your work-flows smoothly.

file-icon-oAnalytics insights into Readers
Get insight into your readers and their interaction with your documents with detailed, real-time data. Use these metrics to improve the effectiveness of your content and ensure you are reaching your readers.


How It Works


In a few simple steps you can upload and distribute your content. You have options for how to send out your secure document, either via a secured HTML5 web link that any modern web browser can open, or via a secured PDF file that readers can open view Adobe Reader on their desktop.

Vitrium’s proprietary HTML5 technology provides a web link for distributing the document. Easy and simple, this option is ideal for readers who might be using a variety of devices, need instant access, or have IT restrictions that prevent them from installing Adobe Reader, plug-ins, or software. This easy link does away with the need for the readers to install anything and enables the document to be read on any device with a modern browser.

The PDF distribution option is perfect for desktop viewers because most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, ideal for large organizations where most readers are already on their computers and are familiar with PDF technology.

Many of these can be automated or integrated within your organization’s existing document work-flow with Enterprise Editions.

Visit our website at vitrium.com to learn more about Vitrium Security.



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