What's in the White Paper? 

Everything you need to know about protecting and controlling your associations' publications, documents, and content. 

We introduce how Enterprise Document Security and DRM works, examine common use cases for associations, and discuss how  DRM integrates with your existing systems.


Associations that use Vitrium: 


About Document Security and DRM:

Associations need a simple solution that empowers them to control how content is accessed, used, and distributed. A software solution that ensures that publications are sold in a personal and non-transferable manner, through a workflow that assigns publications to the appropriate user, while protecting access to these materials from unauthorized users. This is where document protection and digital rights management (DRM) comes in. 

Questions Addressed in White Paper:

  • How to protect training materials, standards, guides, confidential documents and more with file encryption
  • How to manage audiences and control how they interact with content, including distribution restrictions. 
  • Common use cases to monetize content with the help of document security and DRM for associations. 
  • How to distribute your content and publications to authorized members using Personify or other AMS solutions.
  • How to attain seamless integration between your existing systems and document security solutions.