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  • Another healthcare organization experiences data breach due to failed document security

    August 15, 2012

    In what appears to be a never-ending trend, yet another American healthcare organization has experienced a data breach, resulting in the potential exposure of thousands of patients' private information.

    Aria Healthcare recently announced that a company-owned employee laptop was stolen from a locked vehicle. This laptop was not protected by any document security programs, meaning that all of the information it contained may have been exposed. This information included names, Social Security numbers and more for approximately 11,000 patients.

    The company indicated that it is in the process of informing these potentially affected individuals and it will offer all of them complimentary credit monitoring services for one year.

    "We take our responsibility for safeguarding patients’ information very seriously and are taking additional steps to minimize the chances of this type of incident happening again," said Associate General Counsel and Privacy Officer Doreen Bellucci.

    A similar incident recently affected the Stanford University Medical Center. In that case, however, the organization utilized document security, so it is therefore unlikely that data contained on the stolen laptop has been accessed.