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  • Data segregation, access controls key to healthcare document security in cloud

    August 20, 2012

    As more healthcare organizations adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems, the quality of care patients receive will likely improve. Doctors will be better able to share patient information with one another, decreasing the chances that a patient's allergy or medical history will be overlooked. However, as records become digitized and shared via the cloud, it is crucial that healthcare organizations take steps to achieve secure document protection.

    Writing for Becker's Hospital Review, industry expert Ali Rana recently asserted that two of the keys to healthcare document security in the cloud are data segregation and access controls. Data segregation, she explained, can ensure there are multiple layers of security protecting information. This way, if hackers strike, they will find it difficult to access the desired information.

    Additionally, access controls can ensure that only authorized healthcare personnel are able to view sensitive data, reducing the likelihood of a breach.

    Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations do not follow this advice, as recent incidents have revealed. For example, Hartford Hospital recently experienced a data breach when a laptop containing electronic patient records was stolen. The laptop did not feature any sort of access controls or other protection.