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  • Staff training and education crucial for effective document protection

    August 16, 2012

    Many small to medium-sized business (SMB) owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of document protection. Without effective document protection, organizations face an increased risk of experiencing a data breach that could result in lost intellectual property or compromised customer or employee records. Consequently, many SMBs are choosing to invest in technology that can help them protect their data.

    To be truly effective, document strategies must also account for employees, as Alan Calder recently asserted for Public Service. According to Calder, staff are and will always be the weakest link in most organization's{'} data protection measures. To minimize the risk of data breaches, it is not enough to implement advanced technology. Firms must also strive to educate their workers in best practices.

    "Training is an essential form of self-protection," he wrote. 

    As Nick Banks of Imation Mobile Security recently pointed out in a separate Public Service report, however, tools exist which can help firms to limit the risks of human error. For example, Banks noted that companies can invest in technology that grants them the ability to erase mobile device hard disks in the event they are lost or stolen, protecting the data they contained from being exposed.